Varsity Basketball: Conquerors Win Pre-Season Opener 61-52 over Hope Christian

Raymond Bureau | November 18, 2020

Juwan Green had a monster third quarter that gave his team a big enough lead to fend off a fourth-quarter comeback effort, and TCA Conquerors Basketball won its preseason opener 61-52 over the Hope Christian Academy Warriors Monday night during the Northside Classic at Ribault High School.

Green scored 10 of his game-high 17 points in the third period, more then half the Conquerors’ total in the frame, to help build a 17-point lead that proved more than enough. Green hit a pair of deuces, a free throw, and a three-pointer in the third quarter to add to his seven first-half points. He also nailed a three in the first quarter as part of his tally.

R.J. Albury started the scoring with a deuce on route to 9 total points, 8 of them in the first half. The Conqueors edged Hope 14-13 after the first 8 minutes and held Hope to only 6 second-quarter points. By halftime, TCA led 30-19 by spreading 16 second-quarter points among seven different players.

Josh Alcide of TCA Varsity basketball

In addition to Green’s 10, the Conquerors added 9 more from Donavon Paris (3), Tomarion McCray (4), and Jamaree Spikes (2). Paris finished the night with 8 points overall while McCray tallied 6 in his first varsity game, and Spikes added 5.

Hope had a big 19-point fourth quarter and pulled the score close, but the Conquerors held off that comeback effort. Travis King‘s clutch 3-for-4 free-throw shooting and field goals from Omari McMullen, Evan Wilson, and McCray were enough to secure the win.

King was 6 for 8 overall at the line and totaled 8 points on the night. Wilson finished the game with 5 points, and McMullen and Josh Robinson each contributed 2.

Coach Marreo Thomas reviews the game plan.

Hope received points from 10 different players, including Mr. Patrick’s team-high of 12. Bacher scored 8, while Miller and Mills tallied 7 and 6, respectively, to help lead the Warriors.

The Conquerors will finish the Northside Classic Thursday night at Ribault against the Ribault Trojans.

The regular season will then begin when Trinity hosts Epsicopal for a triple-header on Monday, November 23. The JV game tips off at 4:30 p.m., the varsity girls begin at 6:00, and varisty boys take the court at 7:30. The JV and varsity boys will then travel to Terry Parker on Monday, November 30.

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